Major Honors/Awards:

  1. National Award, “SAHATIYA SHREE” 2008 by ‘Akhil Bhartiya Bhasha Sahitya Sammelan
  2. Best Poet Award 2003 by a little magazine “KAHAN”
  3. An Award from a social organization named ‘ Manisa’ in 2006 for the contribution in the field of science for the book on the subject Solar Cooker { Solar Cookere Ranna}
  4. Best essay writer award 2008 by the little magazine DHRUBA SAHITYA KAHAN

Guest Lectures/Seminars:

  1. On topic, "The Contemporary Women poets: Darkness and Light in their Creations" organized by Central Institute of Indian Language( Ministry of Human Resources Development, Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of India), in the Department of Bengali, North Bengal University (19-11-08 to 21-11-08) on Current Trends in the Literature of Eastern India with Special Reference to Assamese, Bengali. Nepali and Oriya Literature
  2. Was Chair Person in the Department of Bengali, Fakir Chand College, Diamond Harbour (11.04.2008) to the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on "Crisis of Poetry"
  3. Was invited in the Department of Bengali, Gobardanga Hindu College,24-parganas (26.02.2003) to a conference on "Rabindranath and T. S. Eliot".
  4. Was invited in the Department of Bengali, Bangabasi Evening College (02.09.2008) in a workshop on Bengali Rhymes on topic, "Do not be Afraid of Rhymes".
  5. Was invited to the Army Territorial Ground (02.02.2008) to participate in the workshop on "Cooking with Solar Cooker".

A well-known poet of Bengali language Satyapriya Mukhopadhyay was born in Kolkata in 1958. He started writing poetry in his child hood. His first book ‘Bolchi Sono’ was published in the year of 1980, when he had been in college. At that time he had fallen in deep love with the poems of the Great Russian poet Rasul Gamzatov and started translating Gamzatov’s poems. In 1981 those translations took form in a book named ‘Gamzatover Kabita’.During this time he was very much fascinated with Debate, lecture and extempore speech. Within a short period he established himself as an eminent Debater and non-political public speaker/orator. He is a very much accepted Talker of All India Radio and had been associated with All India Radio and TV as a creative writing performer and coordinator of varieties of Bengali Literature activities. Now a days, frequently he is being invited to deliver his valuable lecture from the different corners of his country. He uses to speak on art, literature, religion as well as on the scientific topics.

He has a profound knowledge on Buddhism especially on Meditation. He speaks on the same topic publicly.

Satyapriya Mukhopadhyay is a well-known modern poet and teaches Bengali literature in a college. But he has done considerable work in the scientific field. His writings have been published extensively in leading Bengali scientific journals and newspapers. He also worked as a special editor of a renowned science journal ‘Jnan Bichitra’ and was closely associated with the Science Department of All India Radio. His identity, he is an internationally recognized Solar Cooker specialist. He has written a complete book on Solar Cooker : ‘Solar Cooker Ranna’ ( Cooking with Sunshine).

Academic and professional Training: M.A, Ph.D. Editor of the tri-monthly poetry magazine, “SHABDA HARIN”, Associated with All India Radio and Television as a creative writer, performer and coordinator of a variety of literary activities, Guest lecturer on Buddhism and meditation, Recognized debater, worked as a special editor for “Jnan Bichitra”, a renowned science magazine, eminent Solar Cooker specialist, International Adviser, Solar Cookers International, USA

Professional Memberships and publications: Life Member, Bangya Sahitya Parisad, Life Member of Alliance Francaise du Bengale. Life Member, R.K. Mission, Goal Park, Calcutta.

Publications :

  1. Bolchi Sono(book of rhymes), Shabda,1980
  2. Gamzatover Kabita(translation of poetry), Kheya,1981
  3. Tepantarer Galpo (satire poetry), Quality Publisher, 1982
  4. Ghorar Dim (book of scientific rhymes and prose), Jnan Bichitra, 1985
  5. Darwiner Galpo (Biography of Charles Darwin), Kheya, 1991
  6. Dak (small collection of modern Bengali poems), Tin Nombor Chokh, 1998
  7. Dak O Onanya Kabita (collection of modern Bengali poems), Shilpi,1999
  8. Eliot O Adhunik Bangla Kabya (Influence of T. S. Eliot on Bengali Modern Poetry), Bibhasa, 1999
  9. Amar Mrityur Telephone ( collection of modern Bengali poems) 2000
  10. Solar Cookere Ranna (cooking with Solar Cooker), Chaturtha Dunia,2002
  11. Mukhosher Mukh ( book of rhymes), Chaturtha Dunia,2003
  12. Darwiner Galpo ( new and revised version of the biography of Charles Darwin), Jnan Bichitra,2009